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grave concern. a breach of a core nuclear reactor in japan. >> i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking b. >> nuclear crisis escalates. it's been nearly two weeks since a northern tsunami battles japan. thousands are homeless and a nuclear plant is still leaking. >> reporter: japan's nuclear disaster appears to be getting worse. highly radioactive water is believed to be leaking at the fukushima daichi nuclear plant. japanese officials say a reactor core might have been bleached -- breached. which might have allowed higher levels of radiation to escape than in the past week. two workers were burned from
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water containing radiation levels 10,000 times higher than previously detected. the prime minister called the situation grave and serious. the evacuation zone around the plant has been expanded from 12 to 18 miles. >> reporter: here at the united nations, the secretary general met with some of the world's top nuclear, health, agricultural and weather experts to try to help get an assessment of the situation in japan. >> reporter: engineers are trying to stabilize the reactors in japan. but smoke and fire are crimping progress. they are trying to cool the reactors. in tokyo, the concern about radiation is growing. residents are waiting in along lines to get bottled water, despite assurances from city officials that tap water is safe. radiation has seeped into produce grown near the plant. and now, radioactive fesium is turning up in greece.
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as they struggle, contaminated food now threatens to make the crisis even worse. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> in hawaii, damage for the tsunami is now estimated at more than $30 million. nato is in charge. but there is no quick exit yet for forces. denise is in the newsroom to explain all of the situation in libya. denise? >> france says libya's air force is under control. but it is not the full takeover the white house had in mind. this is new video video. -- new video. u.s. forces, japan, and great britain, are leading the forces. a top african official is calling for a transition in libya that would remove gadhafi from power and allow democratic elections there.
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mary? >> denise, thank you. president obama has yet to address the mission. publicly. he is expected to do so. looks like march could be going out like a lion. it's chilly outside. meteorologist tim williams is there. and he has the "s" word in his forecast. >> well, hello, kai. good afternoon, everyone. we're looking at just the "s" word in our forecast. let's look at live doppler radar. we are definitely cooler right now than we typically are for this time of year. about 10 degrees or so cooler. we're at 45 now. and we're really at the warmest we're going to be for the day. give or take maybe a degree or so. what you're seeing on the screen right now is not really our main concern. that's really an upper level disturbance. it's going to move across the south portion of our region, maybe bringing in a light shower or two. down toward the d.c. and metro area. the bullk is still -- bulk is still out in denver, salt lake city, utah.
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this is a storm that is going to form and follow along the country. take a look at this graphic. the low that we're watching is going to just follow that line. we'll pick up moisture from the south. and that is going to present the potential for snow showers late saturday night into sunday morning. before it tapers off and turns into mostly rain. we'll talk about how it all plays out this weekend for you. and coming up in your complete updated first warning forecast. two 15-year-old boys, one hospitalized with a gunshot wound. the other in police custody. the shooting happened inside a middle school in martinsville, indiana this morning. the boy shot in the stomach is in surgery, recovering, and is in good condition. the other boy so far has not been charged. a man accused of pulling his weapon after a night of drinking. mike schuh has reaction to the allegations. >> reporter: baltimore county internal affairs police are investigating not only one of their own, but the head of
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their 1900-member police union. >> reporter: police say it was midnight on wednesday, when at this parkville apartment complex, sergeant cole weston approached a sedan driver. an argument ensued. police say weston took out a handgun and punched the sedan driver in the face. >> is he currently charged? >> he's not currently charged, no. >> what happens if that were to happen? >> if he's charged, it depends on whether it's a misdemeanor or felony. if he starts something where it's a misdemeanor, he runs the possibility of still having his power suspended and being placed on administrative leave. if it's a felony, once again, he would be suspended. he would have his power suspended. he would be placed on administrative leave. however, in the case of a felony, he would be placed on leave without pay. >> reporter: weston's police powers have not been suspended. he is still on the job. the state's attorney's office
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is reviewing the pact -- facts of this case. but it's a little bit of a tick lish situation because the f. -- tick lish situation. because the fop has. they will ask another attorney in a different county to review the facts of the case. reporting live, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >> and because of that, police won't know which state's attorney will accept review of thes of the case until early next week. a fight on cherry hill. now, police are accusing a man of holding a woman hostage for hours. mike hellgren is live on the situation taput a whole school -- that put a whole school on lockdown. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team went there around 11:00 this morning. police say a man was barricaded inside a home. as a precaution, city police put bayview elementary on lockdown. just before 2:00 this afternoon. that man had surrendered to police. it's unclear if the man was
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armed. but no one inside that home was hurt. mary? >> that's good news, mike. so far, the man has not been charged with any crime. a harford county man is recovering from smoke inhalation after a large fire in joppa. these are pictures from the fiery scenes. flames broke out inside a house on old mountain road south around 1:00 this morning. nine different companies and 50 different pieces of equipment were needed to bring the three- alarm blaze under control. the initial report is $300,000. the cause of the fire is under investigation. loosening up some of the country's most stringent alcohol laws. today, maryland lawmakers are expected to debate a proposal to allow wineries in the u.s. to ship bottles directly to maryland homes. the house could give final approval this weekend. but for wine enthusiasts, it may be costly. today, a senate committee agreed to raise the sales tax on alcohol from 6 to 9%. >> my vote is for a traffic-
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free -- >> traffic-free ride home. we'd all like that. let's check in on the roads now with courtney ward. >> good afternoon, guys. i wish i could promise you that. but i don't want to make any false promises. we'll start with incidents in the city, an -- a water main break is causing icy road conditions. be aware of that. you can use eastbound coldspring lane as an alternate. speaking of accidents, there is one at north martin luther king boulevard. now, congestionwise, on the west side of the inner loop, you're going to have to break here and there between 95 and liberty road. on the north side outer loop, expect it to slow down a little bit between dulaney valley road and charles street. and traffic looking sluggish from the beltway to as you approach eastern avenue. now, we're going to take a live look outside. you can see traffic starting to pick up a little bit. but still moving along without any real issues.
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ellicott city in 79. traffic starting to pick up there a little bit in the left- hand lane. but otherwise, cars seem to move along without any real issues. if you have suffered a personal injury, call the cochran firm at 1-800-the firm. elizabeth taylor was laid to rest yesterday, after a small private funeral. the service followed jewish tradition and began with a touch of humor. >> reporter: several black limousines, carrying elizabeth taylor's family, entered forest lawn cemetery friday afternoon. the private service was set to begin at 2:00. but the ever-dramatic actress left specific instructions that it begin 15 minutes later than scheduled, that she wanted to be late, even for her funeral. her friend did a reading. >> just an outpouring of love and affection for this woman who moved so many people. >> reporter: forest lawn is the
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final resting place of fellow legends, jean harlow and clark gable. less than two years ago, taylor attended ceremonies for her once close friend michael jackson. her grave is close to his inside this great maas le -- mausoleum. >> reporter: it has been decades since the actress was a major on-screen attraction. on, seven of taylor's movies became top 100 best sellers in the past two days. >> there's a lot of nostalgia that is generated by this. a lot of interest in her romances, her jewels, and certainly the movies that she made. >> reporter: while thursday's service was mainly for taylor's family, a public memorial is being planned, befitting a life in front of the camera. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> and broadway theaters will dim their lights tonight in remembrance of taylor, whose
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long career included acting in new york theaters. still ahead at 4:00. just what the doctor ordered. the medical conditions being laughed off at clinics all over the world. buried alive. we have new developments in the rescue of a man trapped in a trench. facebook will soon be launching new coupon deals. will this be the groupon killer? it is sunny outside. but chilly. we may see winter weather coming up. stick around for the full weekend forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] verizon believes that no small business should be invisible, so we decided to help a real small business make it easier for customers to find them. my name is elizabeth heinz, we're at isabella's boutique in rockville center, new york. do me a favor, and search for your business. alright.
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inferno on an oklahoma road. gas erupted into flames after a car crashed into it this morning. took about 90 minutes for the firefighters to put out the intense flames. amazingly, none of the drivers was seriously injured. a deadly accident at a
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washington, d.c. of washington, d.c. construction site. investigators trying to figure out what caused the trench to collapse. he was crushed by about a ton of heavy, wet dirt. by the time crews reached him, he was already dead. flying blind. two planes forced to land at washington's reagan inter international airport without help, from air traffic control. nancy cortes reports for wjz, the air traffic controller now admits he was asleep on the job. >> reporter: a preliminary investigation shows the reagan controller went radio silent for 33 minutes. the faa has now suspended him from his job. >> as a professional pilot for more than 25 years, i am outraged by this, and we have an investigation and we will get to the bottom of this. i want to know why this happened. >> reporter: the controller, a 23-year vettary an -- veteran with a clean record, admitted he fell asleep.
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at 12:04 a.m., an american airlines jet couldn't reach him. reaching out instead to a regional controller, four hours away, who tried to call the tower. >> called on the lapd line and tried to call on the commercial line. no answer. >> reporter: they had to land, essentially unassisted. so did the united flight, which was able to reach the tower, once it was on the ground. >> i just want to make sure that we're not going to have a problem. first of all -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: reagan national, which has light overnight traffic, has just had oneioler on the midnight shift -- controller on the midnight shift since 2002. after wednesday night's accident, they just added a second. the controller was on his fourth consecutive overnight shift. he is being drug tested. >> this should have never happened. >> reporter: still, this should open questions about fatigue. >> you really trust that those
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guys are paying attention and awake. >> reporter: two receipt crashes have been blamed on airports having only one controller in the tower. wall street ends on a high note. [ bells ring ringing ] >> reporter: dow up 50. s&p up 4. nasdaq up 7. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. if you have your heart set on a new black or red ford car or truck, you may have to pick another color. ford is telling dealers not to order cars in tuxedo black or three shades of red. why? the paint is made in japan and may be unavailable because of the crisis there. ford says at this point, it has adequate supply. but it's looking to get those specific black and red paint colors from other suppliers. >> nissan says it's considering moving other productions from japan to the u.s. because of earthquake damage.
4:18 pm
toyota expects to halt production at some of its north american factories, but doesn't know when or for how long. >> federal chairman ben bernanke will begin holding news conferences four times a year. it's an historic shift for an institution known for its secrecy. the first press briefing will come after the fed's april 27th meeting. ll bean is giving shoppers a break. starting today, they are offering free shipping all the time, with no minimum order. zapo -- was the first to do this. ll bean believes this could push other retailers to do the same. for more, head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. omg. texting lingo is taking over the oxford english dictionary. the dictionary just added 45,000 new words, including the
4:19 pm
abbreviation for oh, my god. some of the other abbreviations, lol, for laughing out loud. imho, which means in in my humble opinion. i didn't know that one. and bff for best friend forever. and the other is a symbol, which means a heart. >> i'm glad. because i need to know what these are. >> i wonder if some of the racier ones will be in there as well. we'll see. >> with 45,000 additions, maybe. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00, scary ride. what happened on a tour bus in new york city that frightened students on a field trip. he's called the grim sleeper. a california man, accused of killing at least 10 women. will he make a plea or go to trial? >> and the weekend is here. will wintry weather get in our way. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you know what? it looks okay out there. but doesn't feel okay out there. >> we are about a week away from temperatures that even get close to being about normal. we're in the 40s, about 10 degrees below the average. and it is just a chilly kind of day. not too raw. that comes on sunday. let's talk about the temperatures right now. we're at 45 degrees right now. the average for this day is about 57. so this is where we're topping out. we're about 10 to 12 degrees below the normal high. humidity with a west/northwesterly wind. 12 miles per hour. and our barometer reading is 29.95. and that west/northwesterly wind is bringing in a little cool air. and the flow from the jet stream is bringing in our next weather maker. we'll talk about that here in just a second. right now, we're at 34 in oakland. 42 in elkton. 46 in ocean city. we have 44 down in pax river. also 46 in annapolis. 46 on kent island. 45 in rock hall.
4:24 pm
47 in the nation's capital. and again, these winds coming in at just around 12 miles per hour, bringing in cooler air. we had someun sun today. the sun was not able to warm us up. wasn't able to break the grip of the colder air coming in from canada. and this is air coming around a high pressure system that is setting up around southeast canada. and it's allowing this colder air to settle in around the whole top tier of the country. this is how you can follow the jet stream. look for the distinction of the country. warm to coldest across the country. 34 in salt lake city. 59 in denver, followed down to 38 in kansas city. and 54 in memphis. and follow it out where they're 30s in chicago and detroit. and we're on the five side. that is the path of this system. where much of the low pressure and moisture driving it now is back in colorado. it's going to meet up with the moisture moving in across the midwest now. and they both combine to create a bit of a low that is going to pass to the south. because we have this cold air already in place. that low is going to pull the cold air down into the
4:25 pm
moisture. that is why we're having a chance of snow showers, late saturday night into sunday. not really a major event. could see in the northern portion of the state, actually the western portion of the state and down to the south, maybe an inch to two inches. mostly on grassy surfaces. but the street temperatures, well, they're still pretty warm right now. we're not looking at any major accumulations, just enough to be a nuisance. north wind on the bay, 5 to 10 knots. next high tide at fort mchenry is at 12:28. so our forecast looks like this. 46 degrees. tomorrow, we're looking at 37 on sunday, with a mixture of rain and snow. and then 45, 50, and 54. and again, we'll have more details on this in your forecast over the next few hours. >> we're just going to wrap you up. >> we're tight on time today. [ laughter ] more ncaa tournament action tonight, here on wjz at 7:00. it's north carolina and marquette. then after that game, at about
4:26 pm
9:45, it's ohio state and kentucky. both games are live here on wjz 13. when the games are live, check out mayhem live, at just click on the link at the top of the home page. and you can listen and talk about all of the games during the ncaa tournament. and there's more ahead on wjz. critical steps. congresswoman gabrielle giffords. will finding out what happened set her back? deadly and drug-resistant. the bacteria that is spreading through california. overnight attacks. will the nato take over in libya, allow pilots to leave the skies in libya? eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29, 49 degrees and partly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. >> here's what people are talking about.
4:30 pm
>> a new phase today for the battle over libya. nato is getting ready to take over for the no-fly zone. and looks like libyan leaders are ready to finally talk. >> coalition warplanes jetted through libyan air space, as nato gets set to take control of the no-fly zone. but for now, the u.s. will still play a critical role. american planes will keep running strikes. like the one here in ashto bia today. rebels have been fighting off forces for more than a week. and u.s., french and british jets give rebels new hope each day. a libyan delegation, meeting in ethiopia says the government is ready to talk with rebels and move toward political reform. but so far, gadhafi has not echoed that message. >> reporter: from day one, the white house said it wouldn't lead the operation long. but the u.s. still needs to
4:31 pm
finalize a deal with nato over which will do what. >> that hasn't angered lawmakers. had he waited for congress to come back, i think there's very little doubt that benghazi would have fallen and that mean people would have died. >> reporter: the president tried to ease concerns on a conference call today, with party leaders. on state television, libya's government painted a picture of a victimized nation, touring bomb sites in tripoli. gadhafi's regime accused the u.s. of ignoring civilian casualties. u.s. officials say there is no evidence any civilians have been killed. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, earlier today, qatar became the first arab country to fly combat missions over libya. the unrest in the middle east isn't limited to only libya. kai is here to tell us about rising tensions in israel.
4:32 pm
>> the violence along the gaza border have gotten worse. israeli officials blew up a compound. the air strikes also damaged homes. that attack comes after a bomb blew up at a crowded bus stop. hamas retaliated by firing more rockets into israel. no one was hurt in the latest attacks. vic? >> thank you, vic. the bombing was the first attack since 2004. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband says she could be there to see him head into face next month. giffords' goal is to make it to the launch. >> reporter: when astronaut mark kelly became commander of the shuttle, his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, may very well watch the launch in person. >> i've said on a few occasions i'd like her to attend the launch. and i think there's a good chance that will happen. just awaiting final approvals from her doctors.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: for now, giffords remains in a houston rehabilitation center. recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, suffering during last january's assassination attempt. kelly spoke out at a press conference last thursday, with fellow crewmembers. he wouldn't take specific questions about his wife, but said she's getting better every day. >> she's improving every day. and in the realm of brain injuries, that is pretty significant and very rare. she's starting to process some of the tragedy that we all went through in january, she's going through that as we speak. >> reporter: kelly took three weeks off from training for the april 19th mission after the shooting. but says he and his crew are focused and ready for endeavour's final flight. >> it's my fourth flight. so i'm spending as much time as i would, focused on the mission, as if this never even happened to my wife. >> reporter: still, those flying with him say the tucson tragedy took its emotional toll. >> there was a period of time, where we were healing as a
4:34 pm
crew, and trying to understand how we were going to deal with it on a personal level. and so, no, that was not normal. and it's still not totally normal. >> reporter: kelly says it's always difficult being separated from family members during a mission. but sources say he will have several video chats and phone calls with giffords from the international space station, keeping close eye on his wife and her remarkable recovery, even from space. cbs news, dallas. >> and the man accused of shooting giffords and 18 other people is heading to missouri for a mental evaluation. a group of -- a judge has refused the appeal to keep him in arizona for the tests. searching for a shooter. police are looking for the man who shot an essex man. he heard something hit his house. and when he went to check it out, that's when someone shot him in the leg. he is expected to be okay. a super bug scare in california. mare sein the newsroom with a dangerous outbreak that is quickly vedding.
4:35 pm
mary? >> reporter: health official -- spreading. >> reporter: health officials are concerned about this. 350 infections have been reported over a seven-month period. what is really troubling is the bug is resistant to almost all antibiotics. so people most at risk to get sick are elderly patients and those who stay in a facility for a long time. the good news is, health experts say if you're healthy, you probably won't catch it. >> the best way to prevent any bug from spreading is by washing your hands. in tonight's healthwatch report, terrell brown reports for wjz, that laughter really could be the best medicine. [ laughter ] >> reporter: why are all of these people laughing? they're in a stress-reducing workshop. >> as you laugh, you release all of that tension. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's called laughter yoga, and people are now practicing it in 60 countries. >> green light.
4:36 pm
>> whoo! >> and it's no joke. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a new japanese study finds laughter and music help lower your blood pressure. >> chemicals released by the brain, interact with chemicals in the heart to open up blood vessels. >> reporter: one group in the study did laughter yoga. playful exercises like these that involve long-lasting, deep belly laughs. >> reporter: a second group, sang and listened to music. the third group didn't do either activity. after three month, the people in the first two groups saw their blood pressure drop significantly. >> about a 5 to 10% reduction in dying of heart disease. and about a 10 to 15% reduction in dying from stroke. >> reporter: laughter yoga is based on the fact that the body can't differentiate between real and fake laughter. so it gets the same psychological and physiological benefits. >> your body starts to relax. you stop obsessing over thoughts.
4:37 pm
>> i have to say, i haven't been sick. so i think that's a testimony to why i keep doing it. >> reporter: she plans to keep laughing for the rest of her life. terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: a doctor from india started the first laughter club in 1995. there are now more than 6,000 laughter clubs worldwide. >> yeah, well, try to laugh at this. you may need your winter gear this weekend. it is chilly now, but there is some wintry weather on the way. wjz has weather and traffic together. keep laughing, bob. >> i tell you that, story did put a smile on my face. this winter weather we're talking about this weekend, we're now talking about a blizzard. but saturday night, sunday morning, there's a good chance we'll see some snow on the grass, the lawns and the trees. not going to be much in the way of pavement, which is pretty warm. right now, there's a bit of a moisture to the west. this is going to pass to our south and southeast. a few rain and sprinkles. and a few snowflakes.
4:38 pm
this is not the system we're looking at. the system we're checking out for our region is way, way out to the west of us. not even this one. we got another one each further west. it's really near denver. this thing is going to develop and move across the country because we have cold air in place. take a look at temperatures in the northeast. 45 here. 30s to our north. 20s. that cold air will be in place, saturday night, sunday morning. a little slug of moisture moving into the area. we could see a trace to maybe an inch of spring, wet snow by sunday morning. it won't really do a whole lot, except remind you that it's still march. and yes, snow can happen. vic? >> well, there will be more than that, bob. let's check on the roads with courtney ward. courtney, give us better news. >> i'm going to try to do my best, guys. good afternoon, everyone. i'm going to start this traffic report on 895. congestion will hold you up for just a couple of minutes. you can see traffic just moving along there, at 19 miles per hour. moving over to the west side inner loop, traffic is still a
4:39 pm
snow go from 95. heading over, you'll want to move over to minor delays from the jones falls expressway to harford road. and be prepared to break between providence road and charles street. accidentwise, there is an accident southbound 95 between owings mills boulevard and the beltway. and that water main break that i told you about last half hour, that's still in the city, eastbound northern parkway, is closed between falls road and roland avenue. it is causing icy conditions. you can use eastbound cold spring lane as an alternate. we'll step out for a live look. traffic looking beautiful there. and then heading over to the towson area, at 695 and 146. a little heavier volume. things looking pretty good. this traffic report is brought to you from american limousines. from weddings, to corporate travel. this can cover all of your transportation needs. >> thank you, courtney. some local students getting a little extra help in the classroom.
4:40 pm
verizon handed out new dictionaries today to third graders at harlem park elementary. volunteers also read with the students and played games with them. the students looked like they had a good time. march is read across maryland month. >> i wonder what they're looking up. >> whatever the crossword is asking. still ahead. missing for two days. the shocking reason a texas college student is found in jail. times are tough. and you choose your purchases carefully. the move a major catalog retailer is making to get your business. and it's friday. we could be getting a march snowstorm. stick around. bob has details coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:43 pm
the california man accused of being the grim sleeper is headed to trial. police say he's the serial
4:44 pm
killer behind a three-decade- long killing spree. investigators called him the grim sleeper because so much time passed between the murders. he has pled guilty. prosecutors still have not decided if they'll ask for the death penalty. a south carolina community comes together to grieve after a 6-year-old boy is killed on an amusement park ride. >> benji eastler was laid to rest, surrounded by loved ones. the 6-year-old was killed last weekend, when a miniature train derailed at an amusement park. his parents say they're finding comfort in their faith, but are anxious for answers. >> i felt the train was going fast. and you know, i felt that, you know, that's just my experience. but i'm leaving that up to the investigators. you never know. we just make the most of the time you have with your children. you just never know when that last moment is going to be.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: six children are still hospitalized. state officials have fired the inspector who approved the permit for that train. back to you, denise. >> thank you, jessica. the train's operator blames mechanical problems for the crash. new york city area saw another wild ride involving a tour bus. and this one also nearly ended in tragedy. derek dennis reports, the bus driver swerved all over the roads, until one of the passengers grabbed the wheel. they were all smiles on their new york city field trip. high school seniors from jacksonville, florida, taking on manhattan, taking on times square. but this morning, their group took on a terrifying turn. the group had chartered an academy bus to take them from their hotel to the airport for the their flight home. >> i woke up to people, with a quick shout by the chaperone, yelling at the bus driver. >> reporter: just minutes into the trip, as they headed east on the long island expressway, toward jfk, their driver suddenly started swerving and stoping in the middle of the highway. everyone on the bus started
4:46 pm
screaming. >> i really thought he might crash. because at several points, he was just drifting over. we went through the lincoln tunnel. and he was very close to the wall. >> reporter: amazing leap, a parent chaperone, who happens to be a bus driver, took the wheel, just as the charter driver began to swerve off the road. >> at that point, i jumped up, grabbed the wheel, got him off, back on the road. >> reporter: the academy company suspended the driver. saying the driver who worked for the company for over a year without incident made a decision that was a gross departure from the company's safety and operation protocols. a full investigation is under way. >> that was derek dennis reporting. passengers say they're convinced there was no alcohol involved or driver fatigue, but instead pointed to some unknown medical condition. the investigation is ongoing. a texas family is outraged after their son is jailed for speeding. 19-year-old michael henry was pulled over for going 88 in a 45 zone. but instead of getting a
4:47 pm
ticket, he was arrested. speeding is not an arrestable offense in texas, and on top of anything else, henry was not allowed to call his parents, who thought he was missing. the fbi was eventually able to track the teen through a cell phone ping. an internal investigation has been launched within the police department. ll bean has announced it is offering free shipping to customers, all the time, regardless of how little you spend. they recently tested the offer as a limited time promotion. they said they found the response to be overwhelmingly positive. ll bean thinks this could push others to do the same. dozens of websites have emerged, offering consumers great deals if they purchase the offers in groups. facebook has decided to throw its hat in the ring. karen seboya reports for wjz. >> reporter: first, there was groupon, offering deals and discounts at local businesses. then the copycat sites popped up. >> retail is for suckers.
4:48 pm
paying flul fulllist price for anything these days, with everything going on, on the internet, you're not doing your homework. >> did you know you can discover deals? >> now, facebook wants to get a piece of the lucrative industry that brought in $873 million in 2010. >> merchants will be able to cut into this gigantic custody base. >> facebook is expected to launch sometime soon. but initially, only in five cities. san francisco, san diego, dallas, austin and atlanta. but with so many users worldwide, expect these bargains coming soon to a city near yew. -- near you. luke's restaurant in downtown san francisco. >> recently partnered with facebook deals to offer a 20% discount on lunch or breakfast. so far, business has been brisk. >> reporter: well, facebook, we believe, is the strongest social media platform out there at the moment. so i think by getting the word out to our guests, our friends, friends of friends families, is
4:49 pm
the best way to go. >> is facebook deals potentially the groupon killer? >> i don't think it's going to kill groupon. but groupon will be threatened. >> reporter: for cbs news, i'm cara suboy. >> also, expect internet giant google to launch its own similar site, called google offers in the next month. a fast food offer turned into much more inside a burger king. a cell phone captured it all, as a bikini-clad woman jumped onto the counter, apparently threw a coin jug, sending napkins and coins flying. police say the woman became upset while in the drive- through and came in to have a word with the employees. >> looks like more than a word. we've run the weather gamut this week. we've had warm weather, thunderstorms, hail. now snow? >> snow is in the forecast for the weekend. bob is up next with more. ,,,,,, your lawn is a living, breathing thing.
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[ male announcer ] scotts turf builder. feeding pays. it is the best thing you could do for your lawn. [ male announcer ] now is the time to feed and prevent crabgrass. use scotts turf builder with halts. here's a live look outside. it looked okay. but it's been cool. >> yeah. for now.
4:53 pm
>> we have some clouds that have moved in. this is a weak system that is going to pass primarily to our south tonight. not a big deal. the next system, however, is like 2,000 miles away. but it will impact our region saturday night, overnight. and into sunday, maybe by noon. most of it will be over. we're talking probably most places will see some snow sunday morning. we'll show you that in just a minute. take a look at temps now. it's pretty chilly out there. a little warm for snow. 45. but the dew point is very low. 16 degrees. very dry air. 30% humidity. west/northwest winds at 12. the barometer, 29.95. just beginning to fall. 34 in oakland. a few flakes of snow possible there. 41 in cumberland. 39 in hagerstown. and 46 out in ocean city. once again, very dry air. so even though we had clouds moving in across the region. a weak system passing to our south. it will not impact our region. south of d.c. area, extreme southern maryland this evening. maybe a few rain showers, couple of sprinkles. if it drops back into the 30s,
4:54 pm
maybe a few flakes of snow possible. 45 here. 42 in bel air. with the west/northwest winds, keeping the cool air in place across the region. in fact, pretty much from maryland north, northern virginia, north and west. that's where the cold air is. 22, 32. 38. just south of that area, look how much warmer it is. 60s, 70s, each 80s. it's that contrast that we keep seeing. even denver, at 59. that warm and cold air contrast, really between spring or summer, almost. and winter is what is causing these little ripples of low pressure to develop and move across the country. and we have one that is moving across the country. this one is not going to impact us. this one to the west, will move in way far away. but it will pick up gulf moisture. this looks impressive, but it's going to pass to our south tonight. it's actually weakening. but the next one will get a low pressure system and pass, let's say, across virginia and north carolina area. with the warm front down there. warm air overriding chilly air.
4:55 pm
precip breaks out. and by saturday night or sunday, we'll be in the northern band. should be cold enough. most areas from d.c. north, we'll see at least maybe an inch upon or so -- inch or so of wet snow sunday afternoon. and it will probably mix with rain before it finally quits. and it will be mainly on the grass. the roads are pretty wawarm. so i don't expect to see a whole lot on the roads. but it looked pretty wintry. bay temp, around 47. for tonight, look for partly cloudy, unseasonably cold this time of year. 28 by morning. then tomorrow, we'll see clouds and sunshine. back up in the mid-40s tomorrow night, late. the clouds build in, sunday morning. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 a.m. look for snow, probably ending around 10:00, 11:00 in the morning. and a little rain and drizzle in the afternoon. temps only getting into the upper 30s. not a great second half of the weekend. >> but it won't hurt my little crocus.
4:56 pm
croci. >> this is pretty typical for the end of march. happens a lot. seriously. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> i'm mike schuh, live in towson. the head of the county police union is a suspect in a felony. how this came to be when we return. ,, pñ
4:57 pm
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i have a website?! you have a website. oh my gosh, i can't believe it was that easy. [ male announcer ] verizon can put your small business on over 100 search sites so customers can find you, with a personalized business e-mail address that connects with your site. visit me at [ male announcer ] small business owners, don't be invisible. call today and get a 6 month free trial of verizon websites powered by intuit, when you sign up for verizon's reliable high-speed internet & phone for business, just $84.99 a month with no term contract required. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities verizon. the hardest working network in business. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. an off-duty officer is accused of a violent attack. an air traffic controller is asleep on the job. how congress is stepping in to this investigation. smoking reactors. in japan, new concerns over radiation tonight. the crisis gets worse. and breaking news in baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 over a major house fire. details coming up next. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news.
4:59 pm
>> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> we breaking news. let's go to captain mike perry. >> reporter: this is carson avenue off of southern avenue. this is in the eastpoint area of baltimore county. two homes on fire here. the first one you see on the left has caught the home on the right on fire. there is no word on whether there is any injuries or anyone inside. but as you can see, this is a major housefire. firefighters just arriving now, as you can see. just starting to get water on the front of this. as you can see, immediately, as the units pulled in, they called for a second alarm. we had a lot heavier smoke

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